Giving Thanks May Actually Improve Your Health

November 5, 2019 — Every Thanksgiving, the country turns its attention to being thankful. For many, unfortunately, that is the extent of focusing on what they have to be grateful for until next year’s celebration. What would happen if we practiced gratitude more frequently? If we woke up each morning and gave thanks for the opportunity to experience a... Read More

Not All Memory Loss Is a Result of Dementia

January 5, 2018 — Have you had the experience of meeting a neighbor on the street or in the grocery store and not been able to remember their name? Or run to the grocery store to pick up some items you need and once there, forgotten what you went there for? People of all ages experience memory loss at... Read More

How to Avoid Loneliness this Holiday Season

December 5, 2017 — The older we get, the greater our risk of becoming isolated. We may no longer go to a job. Health issues may isolate us. Our spouse and friends may have passed away. According the 2010 U.S. Census, 28 percent of people age 65 and older live alone, accounting for approximately 11 million older Americans. According... Read More

The Importance of Human Connection in Aging Well

October 5, 2017 — As human beings, we are designed by nature, to seek out others and connect with each other. From smiling to a stranger we pass in the street, to developing a lifelong commitment to another person, human connection is, according to many philosophers, the very essence of life. According to Matthew Lieberman, author of the book... Read More

Meditation May Improve Your Health

May 20, 2017 —   Meditation is a practice with a long and rich history. While its roots are in religious traditions, it has evolved to become a mainstream practice for anyone looking to reduce stress, improve their job or athletic performance, or simply improve their overall well-being. Many companies, including Apple, Google and Nike, have offered and promoted... Read More